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Xiao Bai 🐍 ([personal profile] soundspeachy) wrote in [community profile] peachgarden 2017-04-17 02:24 pm (UTC)


[ Xiao Bai is one of the most vocal Gardeners, so she's the one who will most likely give a response that isn't just 'yes', 'no', or a deadpan stare. The privilege to hold conversation has to be earned for employees, too!

Her chores include cleaning up the hallways or even your rooms, so don't be surprise if you open your room door and find her inside dusting the bed. She will also work at the cafeteria to get the tables set up as well as trim the plants that are around the area. She's a busy bee.

At one of the rare times that her schedule allows her time off, she'll be sitting in the Peach Garden, broom left lying in the grass, cheerfully eating a peach from her basket.

Where did that peach come from? It's also the only time she'll talk to people voluntarily other than scolding them for messing things up. ]

Want one?

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