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[You won’t remember dying. You won’t remember gasping for breath, or hitting the floor, or even the feeling of pain in the first place. But you will remember falling.

Darkness. Then faint muttering, then burning heat, all hitting you at once. Before you can even get used to it, your limitless descent is halted, like a car hitting the wall-- and yes, the sudden stop is just as shocking.

And once again, without explanation, you wake up in a bed, intact and seemingly very much alive. A bad dream, perhaps? No, that was very real.

Congratulations! You’re alive again... or so it seems. When you awake, a letter will be placed on your table with only a single stamp on it. Perhaps you should ask someone here who seems familiar with the place about what it is.

Once you leave your room and descend the stairs to leave the pagoda (and hopefully you’re on a reasonable floor and not... Floor 21... sorry), you’ll find some strange people ushering you to a room in the Courtyard. Strange, as in, they look like they’re trying to seem human and failing. You can resist, but as much as you punch and kick, you’ll end up in a quaint room where Meng Po is seated. There, she’ll brief you all about your new after-life on the island as you all fight for reincarnation. Yes, you are 100% dead, don’t you remember dying? ...You don’t? How about falling through Hell?

Well, anyway, you’re dead. Try not to feel too bad.

If you want to return to life, all you have to do is kill someone else-- yes, you can die again-- and get away with it! Easy peasy.

And if you don’t like that, you can try to forget about your predicament by visiting the many scenic locations you have access too. This isn’t so bad. Would you really mind spending the rest of eternity here? There's delicious food in the cafeteria, if you come at the designated times! And why not stop by the peace garden? Surely, such a beautiful place would never be stained in an act such as murder...

(P.S. If you want to mess with the lake, please put “MODS” in the comment title or drop a mention on Plurk! Head mod is going to take a flight back to Singapore as of this post and will get to everyone ASAP latest tomorrow morning. Sorry for the late post! Thank you for your patience!)]
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[Cagliostro is a bit more miffed about this than she's letting on.

She supposes it's reasonable that she can't remember her own death-- after the physical death of her body, whenever that happened, the navigation of a soul alone comes with many risks. Even for a genius like her, she didn't want to resort to it, because... well, yeah. You fuck up, you die for good. She's dead for good.


Fucked if she knows. But Cagliostro would only TRULY be dead if she ever stopped investigating the world around her! So, don't mind if this seemingly really young little girl steps a bit too close to the lakeside, leaning over it in curiosity, despite all the warning signs, and reaching her hand out to break the surface... before stepping back and noticing you.

Yes, you. You over there. Cagliostro waves to you.]

Hello! [She has a cute, high-pitched voice that you would expect any young girl to have. She's a young girl! Totally!] Uhm, I'm so sorry, I dropped my [MAKE SOMETHING UP QUICK] hairpin in the lake! Could you help me get it back? Pretty please?


No! No, you can't make me!!

[In comparison to the very cutesy girl you may or may not have had the pleasure of meeting on Monday, the Cagliostro on Tuesday is certainly putting up a fight against the gardeners force-feeding her. You see, she's been so curious about everything she forgot to eat on Monday, and on Tuesday morning, she came down for breakfast... and she can't finish her portion. But of course! Do they really expect a cute girl like her to eat this huge bowl of porridge?!]

I-- mmffph! [Another spoonful stuffed into her mouth. Half of the bowl still remains. God help her. You could try to fight for her right to not be brutally forcefed, or you can try to convince her to give in... or just. Awkwardly eat your own meal and try to ignore that this is happening. Even though everyone's eating at the same table.] I'm-- the genius Cagliostro! When I reincarnate, I'm going to-- mrrrrph!!


[Cagliostro is doing... something.

She's got a bowl. She's got some peaches. She's also mashing these fucking peaces to a bloody pulp, and observing the contents. She's stripping the bark off trees-- apparently you can do that, but NOT to the sacred peach tree. Yeah, she's tried. She's been stopped several times.

In any case! Right now, she's in the middle of WILDLY SMASHING THIS PEACH when she looks up and makes direct eye contact with you, who probably came to investigate the sound.

She smiles.]

Oh, can you come closer? I think, something might be weird about the peaches growing here...

[Come support this genius alchemist as she tries to solve the mystery of their afterlife imprisonment!!

...Actually, her smile's a bit wonky. She also has a big branch in her hands that looks pretty stiff and easy to beat someone with. Um, maybe you should just... go away...]

Pretty please?


[Hit me up at Timpeni#3109 or [ profile] Timpeni! PUNCH ME I'LL PUNCH BACK]
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[There's laughter coming from a few seats away from Cagliostro. Remember that loud punk from the first day who try to deny being dead? Yeah, he's laughing at her.
His own big bowl of porridge is empty in front of him. With just some stains around his mouth as evidence that he finished it all.

He just haven't gotten around to wipe them off.

Hahah, just chug them all down, lady!
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[Fuck you, doggie.

Cagliostro's trying to glare, but well, it's kind of difficult right now. So she just waves at him, while still being forcefed, before managing to yell out:]

Just help me eat this!!

[Who knows, she didn't say you couldn't share food... or did she? Uh, care to find out?]
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Yeah, sure I'll help you.

[Apparently, sarcasm is lost on the gardeners. Or these few in particular. While one's focused on force feeding Cagliostro... another one's turning their attention to Yang.]

What? I finished my bowl alread—
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[In a blink of an eye, another gardener picked up Yang by the back of his collar. He yelps at that and flails as they drag him over. The second gardener from earlier already have a soup spoon ready with some porridge in it.]

What! I didn't mean it—Mmmph!

[So, he's now sitting next to Cagliostro and being fed from the same bowl as her.]
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Except Cagliostro is also still being forcefed, so. Not so much to celebrate about here. Still, the porridge gets eaten up quickly enough with two children being manhandled hungry mouths, so to speak. It's awkward as hell to just... sit next to each other and try not to choke on after-life food, but well.]


[Cagliostro slumps on the chair very ungracefully after that forced meal.] Heh, you're not so tough now, are you... burp.

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[Nira did notice the sign, but hey, she's already dead and feeling great! What could possibly go wrong? She's been running around just seeing the sights and enjoying not nearly collapsing after a light jog, so her path happens to take her near the lake.]

Sure! Where'd you drop it?
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oh no

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[Cagliostro points at the lake with a pout.] Right here. Heheh, thank you very much!

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[Nira isn't really vulnerable to cute, she just likes helping. This may be a good or bad thing.] Got it! [She sprawls out on the dock and prepares to stick her hand in where Cagliostro is pointing.] My name's Nira, by the way!
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since I am mod I will just do it in this account #shortcuts

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My name is Cagliostro! Nice to meet you!

[As Nira sticks her hand in, nothing seems to be amiss. However, the lake goes a bit deeper. Should Nira reach in farther, she'll feel something like... a cold hand brushing against her skin.


Found anything?
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...there's a hand. [She's...not sure how to feel about that. She'll draw her hand back and see if it follows, or if it just brushed against her.] Why the heck would there be bodies down there? Isn't everyone here dead already?
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Cagliostro's eyes seem to sparkle with excitement.]

A hand?

[Unfortunately (or... rather, very fortunately), the hand doesn't follow. Huh...]

What kind of hand?

[Anyway-- back to Cagliostro. She seems very happy with this strange development.]
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[...why does she sound so excited about it?]

It felt cold, like drowned bodies tend to be, y'know? Although it didn't actually try to grab me or anything, so it's probably not a zombie. [After a pause, she sticks her hand back in an attempt to feel for a bottom to the lake. They're close to shore, there should be a bottom, right?] Haven't found that hairpin yet, though.
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[Apparently, the bottom isn't so close-- strange. However, if she continues on, she'll find a floor! Success!

...Wait. The floor is moving, as if there's something sifting underneath the sand.


Drowned bodies? Sounds scary... but it's okay! We're already dead, so we can look closer. [Translated: You can look closer, Nira, Cagliostro's gonna stay riiiight over here.]
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Wait a minute-there's something moving under the lakebed. [She pauses to get a bit more of a feel, just to see what the texture is, before withdrawing her hand a bit.] Maybe they have sea monsters here.

[She doesn't seem eager to actually stick her face in the water yet, so instead she'll see if she can find a hand and drag it onshore. Surely nothing can go wrong then, right?]
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[Yes! You can... indeed... grab a hand from under the shore.

It's grey, wrinkled and looks like it belongs to a corpse. It doesn't smell, though, but holy shit that's fucking gross.]

Oh! It's a hand!

[Cagliostro is not spooked. In fact, she's very interested. She's coming in to lean closer.

Uh... okay, the hand isn't doing anything back, but it seems to be connected to a body. If you really want to keep pulling...]
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[Hey look, Nira's been in and out of the hospital most of her life. You see a lot of bodies staying there. Plus there's still a part of her thinking of it as being fake. Still...]

I thought drowned bodies were supposed to get all bloated, not wrinkly. [She glances over at Cagliostro.] I think there's a whole body connected to this too. D'you think dragging the whole thing out's a good idea?
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Do it.

[Her voice completely drops the 'little girl' facade and sounds a bit dangerous now.

Do it...?!]
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[Hmm...Nira is a bit uncertain how to take that. On the other hand, she's also pretty curious. So she's going to start pulling...although she's ready to drop it if it moves in any way.]

Alright! Wonder if this was another person or what...
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[This fucking thing comes out.]


[Well, it doesn't seem responsive, but if Nira shakes it a little, she'll see its mouth opening... um, put it back in?! Jesus Christ, it's a fucking dead body or-- something, what the hell are you doing--]


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You a horror fan or something? [She seems...really confused by the thing. What the hell is it? At least she's not pulling it out any more though.]
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[It doesn't seem to be doing much. That is, until its fingers begin twitching, and it raises its free arm...]


[Cagliostro leans in.

It grabs her fucking face.]

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[!!] Watch out! [Nira lunges forward to shove its arm away.] Get off her!
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[Thankfully, it comes off without much effort. Whatever it was trying to do, it failed-- the corpse-thing gives out some kind of wail before it goes limp again.]

Pffftblah, bleck, ugh! Disgusting! [Cagliostro casually wrenches the thing out of Nira's hands and tosses it far away into the lake.

Was that... a good idea?]

Ahem... ahh, thank you so much! I'm saved.
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[I mean, as long as it doesn't stir up whatever's living under there, they should be fine? Probably?] It's no problem! Although...I'm not sure if I can find your hairpin now. All that movement might have moved it somewhere else...

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