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[You won’t remember dying. You won’t remember gasping for breath, or hitting the floor, or even the feeling of pain in the first place. But you will remember falling.

Darkness. Then faint muttering, then burning heat, all hitting you at once. Before you can even get used to it, your limitless descent is halted, like a car hitting the wall-- and yes, the sudden stop is just as shocking.

And once again, without explanation, you wake up in a bed, intact and seemingly very much alive. A bad dream, perhaps? No, that was very real.

Congratulations! You’re alive again... or so it seems. When you awake, a letter will be placed on your table with only a single stamp on it. Perhaps you should ask someone here who seems familiar with the place about what it is.

Once you leave your room and descend the stairs to leave the pagoda (and hopefully you’re on a reasonable floor and not... Floor 21... sorry), you’ll find some strange people ushering you to a room in the Courtyard. Strange, as in, they look like they’re trying to seem human and failing. You can resist, but as much as you punch and kick, you’ll end up in a quaint room where Meng Po is seated. There, she’ll brief you all about your new after-life on the island as you all fight for reincarnation. Yes, you are 100% dead, don’t you remember dying? ...You don’t? How about falling through Hell?

Well, anyway, you’re dead. Try not to feel too bad.

If you want to return to life, all you have to do is kill someone else-- yes, you can die again-- and get away with it! Easy peasy.

And if you don’t like that, you can try to forget about your predicament by visiting the many scenic locations you have access too. This isn’t so bad. Would you really mind spending the rest of eternity here? There's delicious food in the cafeteria, if you come at the designated times! And why not stop by the peace garden? Surely, such a beautiful place would never be stained in an act such as murder...

(P.S. If you want to mess with the lake, please put “MODS” in the comment title or drop a mention on Plurk! Head mod is going to take a flight back to Singapore as of this post and will get to everyone ASAP latest tomorrow morning. Sorry for the late post! Thank you for your patience!)]
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[He's trying not to curse,
but he did tsk.

Alright, alright, I won't go out and fly over the lake.
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[ Seriously. ]

You've got a new body here and all, so try not to waste it. They're not easy to make.
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Okay, I'll be careful.

[For now.]

I thought we'd just be... spirits down here. Without any physical bodies.
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[ That's better. ]

King Yama decided it that way. Would be a little boring if we just floated around not being able to interact with anything, though.
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... Yeah, that makes sense. I like walking around as much as flying.

[That feel of soft leaves against his limbs... Though, he seems to realise something.]

... You know what I am, right?
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[ Spirits sense other spirits, but she's just never brought it up since it wasn't really relevant. ]

I'm a snake.
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[Well, here goes.]

I'm a dog. Does... tiangou ring a bell for you?
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[ That gets a reaction. ]

Did you actually eat the sun, or no?
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[He said that rather quickly. Before he... seems a little unsure.]

I know I haven't eat it... I think. [A pause.] But... if something did happen to the sun, would you guys hear about it down here?
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[personal profile] soundspeachy 2017-04-21 12:46 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm sure we would. I haven't heard anything yet, but you never know. Humans in the mortal realm are doing all sorts of crazy things these days.

[ Does Xiao Bai know how he died? Maybe, but she's not allowed to talk about it. ]
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You'd think the sun would be big news... But I'm glad. Not like I planned on eating the sun any time when I was alive.

[He have his reasons, even if that's technically against his nature.]
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[ What a good dog. ]

Yeah. The sun's pretty important, so thank you for not eating it.

[ She means it..... ]
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You're welcomed?

[He can't tell if she means it, or just deadpanned sarcastic.]

... That's pretty much what I want to ask about so far. [Until he think of more and went off to bug Meng Po.]
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Do you know about the Weather Temple in the South China Sea? They've been pulling overtime for five decades now due to all that global warming bullshit. Having the sun go out would be really inconvenient.

[ Respectful dog is good dog. ]
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Kind of heard about them. [yang, did you even pay attention to your lessons—] Didn't really matter to me, most of the time.

[A beat.]

Okay, except for days when it's way too hot to go out.
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[ The only reason she cares is because her boyfriend is stuck there too long to see her. ]

Yeah. All humans' fault and we spirits are here cleaning up their mess.
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It would be better if all the humans just stop causing trouble... or leave us alone.

[He's just a simple dog spirit, let him fly around in peace.]

Sometimes, I wonder why we even put up with them.
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[ People (tm) ]

It was better in the older days, I heard... less humans. Personal opinion is that they bred too quickly.

[ Sigh. ]

Well, at least they were fun to watch, and gave us offerings?
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... I get no offerings.

[He's not gonna whine, okay? Okay.]

Well, they should bred slower. Fewer.
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It's okay, neither do I.

[ Why else is she working... ]

Someone did suggest another flood to the Dragon King, but it's harder to control the weather nowadays. Might have been nice, though.