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[You won’t remember dying. You won’t remember gasping for breath, or hitting the floor, or even the feeling of pain in the first place. But you will remember falling.

Darkness. Then faint muttering, then burning heat, all hitting you at once. Before you can even get used to it, your limitless descent is halted, like a car hitting the wall-- and yes, the sudden stop is just as shocking.

And once again, without explanation, you wake up in a bed, intact and seemingly very much alive. A bad dream, perhaps? No, that was very real.

Congratulations! You’re alive again... or so it seems. When you awake, a letter will be placed on your table with only a single stamp on it. Perhaps you should ask someone here who seems familiar with the place about what it is.

Once you leave your room and descend the stairs to leave the pagoda (and hopefully you’re on a reasonable floor and not... Floor 21... sorry), you’ll find some strange people ushering you to a room in the Courtyard. Strange, as in, they look like they’re trying to seem human and failing. You can resist, but as much as you punch and kick, you’ll end up in a quaint room where Meng Po is seated. There, she’ll brief you all about your new after-life on the island as you all fight for reincarnation. Yes, you are 100% dead, don’t you remember dying? ...You don’t? How about falling through Hell?

Well, anyway, you’re dead. Try not to feel too bad.

If you want to return to life, all you have to do is kill someone else-- yes, you can die again-- and get away with it! Easy peasy.

And if you don’t like that, you can try to forget about your predicament by visiting the many scenic locations you have access too. This isn’t so bad. Would you really mind spending the rest of eternity here? There's delicious food in the cafeteria, if you come at the designated times! And why not stop by the peace garden? Surely, such a beautiful place would never be stained in an act such as murder...

(P.S. If you want to mess with the lake, please put “MODS” in the comment title or drop a mention on Plurk! Head mod is going to take a flight back to Singapore as of this post and will get to everyone ASAP latest tomorrow morning. Sorry for the late post! Thank you for your patience!)]
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[Cagliostro is a bit more miffed about this than she's letting on.

She supposes it's reasonable that she can't remember her own death-- after the physical death of her body, whenever that happened, the navigation of a soul alone comes with many risks. Even for a genius like her, she didn't want to resort to it, because... well, yeah. You fuck up, you die for good. She's dead for good.


Fucked if she knows. But Cagliostro would only TRULY be dead if she ever stopped investigating the world around her! So, don't mind if this seemingly really young little girl steps a bit too close to the lakeside, leaning over it in curiosity, despite all the warning signs, and reaching her hand out to break the surface... before stepping back and noticing you.

Yes, you. You over there. Cagliostro waves to you.]

Hello! [She has a cute, high-pitched voice that you would expect any young girl to have. She's a young girl! Totally!] Uhm, I'm so sorry, I dropped my [MAKE SOMETHING UP QUICK] hairpin in the lake! Could you help me get it back? Pretty please?


No! No, you can't make me!!

[In comparison to the very cutesy girl you may or may not have had the pleasure of meeting on Monday, the Cagliostro on Tuesday is certainly putting up a fight against the gardeners force-feeding her. You see, she's been so curious about everything she forgot to eat on Monday, and on Tuesday morning, she came down for breakfast... and she can't finish her portion. But of course! Do they really expect a cute girl like her to eat this huge bowl of porridge?!]

I-- mmffph! [Another spoonful stuffed into her mouth. Half of the bowl still remains. God help her. You could try to fight for her right to not be brutally forcefed, or you can try to convince her to give in... or just. Awkwardly eat your own meal and try to ignore that this is happening. Even though everyone's eating at the same table.] I'm-- the genius Cagliostro! When I reincarnate, I'm going to-- mrrrrph!!


[Cagliostro is doing... something.

She's got a bowl. She's got some peaches. She's also mashing these fucking peaces to a bloody pulp, and observing the contents. She's stripping the bark off trees-- apparently you can do that, but NOT to the sacred peach tree. Yeah, she's tried. She's been stopped several times.

In any case! Right now, she's in the middle of WILDLY SMASHING THIS PEACH when she looks up and makes direct eye contact with you, who probably came to investigate the sound.

She smiles.]

Oh, can you come closer? I think, something might be weird about the peaches growing here...

[Come support this genius alchemist as she tries to solve the mystery of their afterlife imprisonment!!

...Actually, her smile's a bit wonky. She also has a big branch in her hands that looks pretty stiff and easy to beat someone with. Um, maybe you should just... go away...]

Pretty please?


[Hit me up at Timpeni#3109 or [ profile] Timpeni! PUNCH ME I'LL PUNCH BACK]
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[ Xiao Bai is one of the most vocal Gardeners, so she's the one who will most likely give a response that isn't just 'yes', 'no', or a deadpan stare. The privilege to hold conversation has to be earned for employees, too!

Her chores include cleaning up the hallways or even your rooms, so don't be surprise if you open your room door and find her inside dusting the bed. She will also work at the cafeteria to get the tables set up as well as trim the plants that are around the area. She's a busy bee.

At one of the rare times that her schedule allows her time off, she'll be sitting in the Peach Garden, broom left lying in the grass, cheerfully eating a peach from her basket.

Where did that peach come from? It's also the only time she'll talk to people voluntarily other than scolding them for messing things up. ]

Want one?
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A. What the Actual F— (MONDAY, COURTYARDS)
[Most people may know Yang as one of the more... louder ones to react to the news that, yeah, they're all dead. He wants to deny that, reject that, yell at someone about it.

But no, he's a big and mature person. Well, he's trying to. So that's why after his initial outburst, he's stomping... walking very hard to explore the place and maybe ask questions. If he's here for a while, he should get an idea of the area just in case. Worse comes to worse, he might need to find good hiding places without being lost.

The tall plants behind that bench you're sitting on, or about to sit on, rustles. Until a guy's head poke out. Oh, some guy is on the ground, at the base of the plants. He blinks and give the other person an annoyed look.


[Despite what impression he might give, Yang's actually looking at the Courthouse and hanging around for a bit. He's... trying to get inside? Maybe? Shame that the gates are close.

That might be why Yang's snooping around, for any possible way to sneak inside.

There's gotta be a way inside...

[Please stop him from trying to climb over the fences. Or do... something. A certain something, which he haven't decide if he should do. Yet.]

C. But What if I Just Do It (THE LAKE, ANY DAYS)
[He saw the warning. He know he should heed it. How many stories mention warnings, only for the protagonist to ignore it and suffer?

And yet, it draw his curiosity.

So he's been gathering... rocks? Pebbles. And is now standing near the lakeside, idly tossing a pebble in his hand in the air and catching it as it fall. He's staring at the lake, almost as if wondering if he should throw the pebble at it. You know, skipping rocks on water?

I wonder if something lives down there...

[The pebble went up into the air again, and he catches it. And swiftly make a swing, as if about to throw it... but he didn't open his hand. The pebble is still inside his fist. The lake remains still as ever, undisturbed.]

[HIT ME UP FOR ANYTHING! Either on [ profile] Sonica or Dojizerker#3325 on Discord.]
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iria animi | tales of innocence

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a - monday; stair menace

[ Iria didn't much care for the sensation of whatever the hell (exactly hell, but she doesn't know that yet) she experienced, but the bright of sunshine streaming gently in and the pleasant breeze seemed to ease some of her worries-- Only to be replaced by entirely new ones as she realized this wasn't some dream.


She resisted the initial urge to curse and bolt out, because Iria quickly realizes her lack of weaponry under her pillow with a lift. Unlikely by all means, but she hops off the bed with a resolve to find them, rummaging through her poor pristine room and leaving with nothing but pocketing that suspicious stamp. Two things were pretty likely to happen.

(1) Iria wasn't exactly quiet about tossing stuff around and opening and shutting drawers, then opening that big ol' door; she may have woken up people on nearby floors. Careful about surprising her, she might throw something back as reflex. Well, maybe it'll just be a towel. Maybe.
(2) Now came... a more dangerous idea. On the survivalist assumption that whoever must next pass by must know what's going on, she's going to attempt to lunge at them and put them in a choke-hold for lack of any more feasible weapon, demanding answers. 5'5" and very loud, I'm sorry this is how you two meet. Also, it's absolutely okay if she crashes into the floor instead when she misses or whatnot. ]

YOU!! Where are we and what do you want!?

b - tuesday; peachy situation

[ The young teenager seems to have mellowed down since yesterday... or rather, she must not be starting up her yell quota yet, but still. Iria finds herself taking in the sights as she did when her eyes first opened, but her heart is heavy from the preposterous words she'd heard from this realm's mistress yesterday. Well, here comes the griping, at least for the moment it's low-volume. ]

Ugh, stupid divine powers that be. Why would you want to stain a place as nice as this with red? I don't get it...

[ When she closes her eyes, she imagines it. All the pink, instead a harsh dark shade of splattered blood. Her skin crawls. Then her steps gradually gain more weight and eventually she's stomping towards the divine tree, picking up a fallen peach that must have tumbled out of Xiao Bai's harvest. TIME TO TAKE A GIANT CHOMP AND CHEW ANGRILY ]

Screw you for being lazy, tree! See all these other petals getting a move on? You better start making those magical flowers fall faster! --Damn... this tastes really good though.

[ hmu on [ profile] 173ELI or healspls#0307 on discord yeha ]
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Nira Tyr | Original Character

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Monday - No More Fainting?

[Nira already noticed something weird as she made her way down the stairs-she doesn't really have to stop and catch her breath at any point. Even as she starts leaping down them, all she feels is the rush, instead of that light-headed feeling she gets before she falls over. So, when she gets down to the ground floor, she's feeling pretty great. Even Meng Po's speech can't make her feel that bad. So, she'll be...well, racing around the courtyards most of the time. She's trying to be careful and not bump into anybody, but just being able to run is joy enough. She might end up missing lunch because of that.]

Ahahaha! This is how it should be!

Tuesday - It Couldn't Last Forever

[And then, on Tuesday, she's going to make a quite large leap onto one of the rocks in the courtyard, spreading her arms out.]

Celestia! Ryota! Look! I can...I can... [And then she remembers that she's dead, dead at the young age of 25, dead before she can see her girlfriend become the next president, dead before her boyfriend's business can really take off...] ...I... [Her grinning face shifts. Anyone who comes by will find her sitting on that rock, her face buried in her arms and sobbing.]
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Nanashi | Shin Megami Tensei IV

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A. Is That A Weapon (Monday)

[Hey, check it out, it's that kid who tried to throttle a gardener on arrival!

The chances aren't bad that you got a glimpse of him being dragged to an audience with Meng Po, and I do mean dragged, hauled through the courtyard like a cat to the vet. Limbs everywhere, no effort spared in trying to get the hell away, all hundred-and-some pounds of scrappy teenage boy directed towards kicking a demon or two in the face.

...He's more subdued after he gets out of that meeting. Reincarnation, okay. Fucked up game. It'd be stupid not to play. At least one other person will. Constant vigilance and all that.

So. Scoping out the environment. That's step one - know the space, know the materials. Fenceposts? Could deal some damage if someone pushed him hard enough. Fire? Not if they didn't want to bring down the whole pagoda. What about the kitchen? There are knives in there, definitely...

And, of course, scoping out the enemy is a part of this too. That person's small, probably couldn't lift or shove him, watch out for tricks. That one's taller, stronger, has the upper hand...

Just being in sight range of Nanashi earns you eyes on you, watching what you do. Careful, dispassionate. Not too intense - he's got manners somewhere down in there, and some willingness to believe that people generally don't like murdering each other.

But it pays to be careful.]

B. Touch the Sky (Tuesday)

[Day two, no murder.

Nanashi's gonna climb the pagoda.

Yeah of course you could just use the stairs and climb right onto the roof, but then you would not know how to climb up and down the pagoda, in case someone is waiting on the stairs with a knife or something.

Anyways the view from up here is cool. He's gonna chill.]
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neku sakuraba | the world ends with you

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[ it's a good thing that neku's been through two rounds of the reaper's game, now, because he's above killing someone else for his own personal gain. a part of him still regrets doing that to shiki, and it angers him to hear that they're using that same agenda here. neku thinks this is just another part of the reaper's game, even if the location isn't the same.

it's clear that this is sort of taking a toll on him. neku's only started to learn to open up and trust people, let them in--how can he do that in a situation like this, though? how can he trust anyone here at all, knowing what's at stake? after everything that's happened before he wound up here...can he really afford to hold that same attitude that shiki and josh were able to bring out of him?


for most of the day, neku will be in the courtyards, hands in his pockets, keeping to himself. he will eye you suspiciously if you walk by. he'll talk if you strike up a conversation with him first, but otherwise, he'll just be lurking.

when it's time to eat in the cafeteria, neku will be at the dining table, but he'll mostly just be picking at his food. ]
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Joker | The Lego Batman Movie

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[Joker weighs the pros and cons of his previous plan. So, he forced Batman to use the Phantom Zone Projector on him. Pros: he got Buttman's attention! Loverbat would definitely all over him now, chub and all. Cons: It turns out that the Phantom Zone Projector is kinda broken, in the sense that this is definitely not the Phantom Zone. It's distinctly more Hell-like. All the people here are...tall, and weird. Way too bulgey.

So, you're definitely going to notice a 3-foot-tall clown man of plastic wandering around this place and pulling petty crimes/vandalization. To pretty much everyone, he's gonna look like some kind of animated lego man. But just remember, you guys are the real freaks. He's perfectly normal, all smiles, even.]


[Two days in, depression starts to set in for Joker. He misses his jerkface. For those of you looking, he's in the cafeteria, sighing as he rearranges his eggs into the shape of a bat.

Somebody get him a booster seat, he can't really reach the table honestly. He has to stand on his seat.]
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Prince Hans | Frozen

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[Hans knows he's done some things worthy of a trip to the courthouse (or even to hell). Of course, he's not going to tell anyone about the time he tried to fool a princess into thinking he wanted to marry her, or the time he almost killed a queen with rampaging ice powers. Heck no.

That doesn't stop him from pausing to stare up at the courthouse before focusing on the locked gates. He gives them an experimental tug. If you're anywhere around him, he'll remark casually:]

I don't know about you, but I don't think these gates will remain locked for long.


[Hans squints out into the distance to see what else is there. He gasps at the sight of...houses? A line of houses on the other side of the lake?]

Is that...a town...?

[More dead people?]


[The peach garden is where Hans is contemplating everything that he knows so far. The thing about being dead, killing someone else (honestly, he can probably manage that), hell, etc. He's quiet and in particular, he seems to be very fascinated by the smaller tree.

You can find him sitting by himself, or taking a leisurely stroll and holding his head up high like the prince he is.]