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[On Friday morning, for any of the early birds, they may find a note lying outside their door:

I think someone’s after me, if someone breaks into my room I’ll run to the lake! Please help look after me! ~ The cutest in the world, Cagliostro

There’s a smiley face at the end, along with tiny hearts. (You can choose to have your character to run into it if you wish-- some were purposefully delivered, and some were blown by the wind. The general idea is they can run into one easily, around the Pagoda.)

However, if you look at Floor 17...

Well. For now, everything seems peaceful. What do you want to do today?

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Alright, heave! [Assuming nothing else interferes, she'll make her way to the closest awning, where she'll lay Cagliostro out on the ground.] Can you turn around while I examine her?
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[ WALKS IN AN HOUR LATE WITH NO STARBUCKS there's now another girl to check this out, any other time someone may have raised a fuss since Iria's just a teenager, but she's seen her fair share of death running away from people after her powers. Someone caved, and so quickly. Iria was angry but... she wondered if she could really blame them in their desperate situation. ]

... Let me help out.

[ She'll ask about what she's missed so far here, so we can fast forward what they know as of now and where else to look. ]

Even after all that head trauma wouldn't that have been enough? Ugh, hope there isn't more.

[ Hope only gets so far. ]
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...wait...her ribs...was someone trying to do CPR on her? That can leave a lot of marks on skin if you're doing it right...