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[On Friday morning, for any of the early birds, they may find a note lying outside their door:

I think someone’s after me, if someone breaks into my room I’ll run to the lake! Please help look after me! ~ The cutest in the world, Cagliostro

There’s a smiley face at the end, along with tiny hearts. (You can choose to have your character to run into it if you wish-- some were purposefully delivered, and some were blown by the wind. The general idea is they can run into one easily, around the Pagoda.)

However, if you look at Floor 17...

Well. For now, everything seems peaceful. What do you want to do today?

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[ Well, he looks at the letter ... really.

He then decides to descend down to Floor 17 from his own floor. Is there anything immediately noticeable on his casual walk? ]
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The...lake? [Hadn't they already seen it was dangerous? Then again, Cagliostro does know what's down there at Nira will head towards the lake. Hopefully she's there and safe...]
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[ That's really strange. He was thinking, judging by the cheery nature of the letter (despite how someone said there might be someone after them) that it might be a big prank. Well, anything else here that is notable besides the surprising amount of leaves, sticks, and flower petals? ]
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[Yang's tempted to throw the letter away. HE REMEMBERS THE CAFETERIA THING.

But... he also remembers that "murder for the right to reincarnate" thing. So instead, he crumbled the letter in his hands and he walks down from Floor 5 towards the courtyard. He wonders if there's anyone around here he can ask, before he can head to the lake.
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What the-? [Nira hurries a bit more, heading towards the person lying on the bridge.] Hey, are you alright?
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[Nira hisses, half from anger and half from sorrow. It seems like just yesterday the two of them were talking by this lake, learning about the various things that lived in it.]

Cagliostro-who would do this? [She seemed so cheerful and harmless.] And how? [She bends down to get a closer look. Is there any blood?]
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[ Well, he'll stroll right into the room then. He won't bother asking if anyone's in here because it looks open and presumably the person left, but... what does he immediately notice upon entry? ]
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Did she...slip and fall? [No, that doesn't make sense for the forehead bruise. Someone might have hit her and knocked her over...Nira will look around the area. Are there any bloodstains elsewhere on the bridge?]
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[Huh, so more than one of these notes were made. Which means... people would probably head to the lake.

With a nod, he makes his way towards the lake. After looking around and see no one else there, he quickly change form.

There is now a black dog, and he's going to sniff around. What will he find?
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[Well...she'll pick up the branch. Does it match the bruise in shape? And is there any blood on the barrier itself?]
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...Someone sure had a party in here.

[ He'll just step around the mess in here. And look around, nudging some of the leaves around. Anything else in here besides all of this? ]
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Was this meant to be the weapon...? [Either way, it seems she's been moved. Although it seems pretty obvious what killed her either way...]
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[From elsewhere, a strange being approaches.

It's a black dog sniffing around, until he raise his head and see Nira. He stay where he is, until he looks and see... Cagliostro's body?

And he slowly approaches it.
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