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[On Saturday morning, the gates of the courthouse fly open.

All character will be ushered-- or forcibly dragged, if it comes to that-- the the Courthouse by the various gardeners. The interior of the courthouse is spacious enough for any amount of vigorous discussion, whatever that may be. Who knows what's on the second floor and beyond.

Meng Po sits above the chairs, overseeing everyone below.]

Today, you have all been brought here to find the one who murdered Cagliostro. Once you have come to a decision over who is guilty, you will cast votes on who you believe is the murderer. If the majority votes correctly, the murderer is condemned to Hell, and you will all be one step closer to reincarnation. If they are not found, they will be reincarnated instead, and whoever else is voted in their place as the murderer will be scapegoated. The murderer's sins will be falsely imprinted on them, condemning the scapegoat to Hell.

Should you correctly identify the murderer, there will be a second round of voting: the mercy vote, or the exoneration vote. If you believe the murderer deserves to be reincarnated or the victim deserved to die for any reason, you can vote for exoneration, and the murderer will be reincarnated if the majority votes for it. However, I am not responsible for what happens afterwards to the rest of you.

[...That's... okay, sure.]

Without further ado: the court is in session.

[Do your worst.]
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I helped with the body examination, and looks like someone tried to force the water out of her lungs, sorta thing; there were marks of pressure on her chest area. ... Y'know, in case it'd let her breathe again. [ It didn't. ]

Wasn't there a big whoop about not going into the lake though? Did whoever pull her out find a workaround or just went "to hell with rules!"
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Well, alright.

[ ...Well that explains that. ]

That is pretty strange, yeah. I'm thinking it might be both, but either way they seemed to have gotten pretty lucky when pulling her out.